Lauree Carmichael

Accounts Payable & Receivable Administrator

If there’s one thing PetroValue’s Lauree Carmichael isn’t afraid of, it’s hard work and sacrifice. After all, this Vancouver native relocated to the rustic, remote town of 100 Mile House to work from the ground up in her family-run log home business. Lauree was in charge of everything from accounting and billing to customer service and she eventually become the General Manager. Now living back in familiar turf in Surrey, BC surrounded by family and friends, Lauree is eager to settle back into her city and her role as Accounts Payable & Receivable Administrator for PetroValue. She’s already fitting in nicely with her strong ability to multitask, close attention to detail and helping find the answers to customers’ questions. Although back in the urban metropolis, Lauree still enjoys the countryside and can often be found outdoors enjoying ATV’ing, snowmobiling and anything spur of the moment.