PetroValue Celebrates 15 Years in Business



PetroValue, one of Canada’s leading independent fuel distributors, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company’s founding, and is giving credit to its loyal team and customers for the company’s longevity and success.

PetroValue was founded on January 6, 1999 by President Peter Coleman and has undergone a tremendous transformation throughout the period of its existence. What started as a one-man show with Peter working out of his Vancouver home has since expanded to four offices across Canada, backed by a group of passionate, committed team members.

“My vision for PetroValue was for it to become the most innovative aviation fuel company in Canada in terms of supply, customer support and quality assurance, all while creating a full partnership approach with our customers,” said Peter, adding, “It’s been amazing to see this dream come to fruition, and we could not have come this far without the support and hard work of each staff member and our loyal customers.”

In its early days, PetroValue supplied helicopter companies in logging operations throughout BC. They have since broadened across the board, servicing  all major airports, helicopter companies, float plane companies, exploration and mining companies, the Ministry of Forests, heli-logging, heli-skiing, and the Department of Defense amongst others.

At times during its 15-year span, PetroValue earned the title of the largest supplier of aviation fuels to groups like the Canadian Military, Ontario Ministry and different aerospace groups. The PetroValue group also acquired a reputation as strong leaders in fuel safety, offering ongoing fuel safety training seminars and being awarded CN’s coveted Safe Handling Award. 

With 15 years of business under their belt, the PetroValue team is most excited about continuing to grow their comprehensive fuel supply program, which includes the newly created customer program called *AvStar* which brings significant value to each and every airport across Canada.   

 "We are proud of our fifteen-year track record of providing exceptional value to our customers," said Peter. "At the same time, we are forward-focused on this next decade and plan to continue evolving and strengthening the company in order to deliver substantial additional value to our customers."

About PetroValue

PetroValue Products Canada Inc. is a Canadian petroleum distributor of aviation fuels, diesels, gasolines, lubricants, drummed fuel, fuel in totes, bulk fuel, fuel bladders and more. For more information on PetroValue, call us toll free at 1-877-PETROV1 or 1-866-PETROV1 (Quebec) or visit us at: