PetroValue Marches to the Beat of a Different Drum

Drums Shipping by Air for Military OperationPetroValue, one of Canada’s leading independent fuel suppliers, based out of Vancouver, BC, has significantly increased their distribution of drummed fuels throughout Canada in 2016. Jeremy Nichols, VP of Sales at PetroValue, believes the increase is due to a decreasing number of companies that are able to offer a full-service quality drum program that meets each customer’s individual needs. PetroValue’s success can also be attributed to the fact that they are a “one-stop-shop” and have the ability to supply any type of fuel that a customer may need. This includes aviation fuels such as Jet A-1 and Avgas, as well as diesels, gasolines, stove oil, furnace oil and lubricants. 

Over the past year, PetroValue has supplied a wide variety of customers including government entities, military operations, helicopter companies, forestry companies and mining operations throughout Canada including many northern locations.

Quality assurance is the highest priority at PetroValue when it comes to the products and services they provide. When drumming, they guarantee that each and every drum is thoroughly inspected prior to filling and carefully sealed and bound for transport according to strict CSA guidelines. They also only use the highest quality steel drums in the industry, which are epoxy-phenolic lined. The drum’s lining is specifically designed to resist corrosion. An epoxy-phenolic lining is also flexible; the lining can adhere to a dent or bend, within reason, to prevent chipping and potential contamination of the contents. PetroValue has a flawless safety record and a high level of fuel safety knowledge, which gives their customers the confidence in knowing that their drums are filled safely and up to their expectations.

Over the past 16 years PetroValue has developed a strong supply network which gives them the ability to offer their customers an unlimited supply of petroleum products across Canada. Their strong logistics background and their experience with building unique distribution platforms supports the company promise that they can deliver anywhere in Canada. Their customers are confident knowing that their fuel needs will always be met. PetroValue really seals the deal when it comes to safety, service, supply and support of their customer’s drummed fuel needs.