PetroValue Addresses AVGAS Shortage

At PetroValue our PASSION is AVIATION. However we have always believed that our SUCCESS is defined by how well we address the needs of our CUSTOMERS.

As we all know there is a major shift occurring in the downstream aviation fuel market across Canada. The major oil companies continue to close refineries, reduce production of aviation fuels, close bulk agencies, close FBOs, eliminate supply etc. etc. In fact, there is now only one true refiner of Avgas (100LL) in all of Canada. However PetroValue has worked hard to address this Avgas (100LL) supply shortage and continues to strengthen and improve what we believe to be the most unique and innovative aviation fuel supply network in all of Canada.

We understand that a large number of light aircraft, in particular those used in general aviation and by private owners, depend on AVGAS supply in order to fly. It is important for these operators to work with suppliers that possess a comprehensive understanding of supply, logistics, safety, quality assurance and can get them that supply on a guaranteed and uninterrupted basis.

PetroValue is connected to the top refiners of Avgas (100LL) throughout North America and is able to provide guaranteed supply of Avgas (100LL) that meets both the CAN/CGSB and ASTM standards to every province and territory in Canada. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about the aggressive pricing that we offer on both Avgas (100LL) and Jet-A/Jet A-1. We look forward to learning more about your needs and providing you with details on the PetroValue Advantage that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Guaranteed Supply
  • Volume Discounts
  • Industry Leading Quality Assurance Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Credit Card Payment (Reward Programs)
  • On-going Market and Industry Information
  • Card Programs for FBO Operators
  • Storage Systems
  • Inventory Control/Monitoring Systems
  • An “Around the Clock” Support System

For more information on how PetroValue Products Canada Inc. can assist you, contact your local sales representative .