Cleaner & Degreaser

Petrovalue has distribution rights on a Biodrgradeble - Eco Friendly cleaner and Degreaser. Micro 50 is a great product and will serve all your cleaning and degreasing needs at a great price.






In today’s business environment we have more environmental concerns than ever before. The cost to deal with these concerns at times can be astronomical. It can be challenging at best to clean petroleum products and their by-products from the environment that we work in.

Eco friendly products are becoming a huge part of our world although many are not what they claim. In the petroleum case by virtue of what it is, any product with petroleum in it is not eco friendly. With that said, most cleaners used to break down petroleum products are not eco friendly either. Most of us have heard that there are naturally existing organisms that feed on petroleum. We refer to these as "microbes". There is a new cleaning product that has “microbes” in it. This cleaning product also has natural bacteria and enzymes that break down the petroleum so the “microbes” can digest them more efficiently. The best part about this product is that anyone can buy it and use it at a very affordable price.

The product is called "Micro-50TM", the 50 stands for 50 billion microbes per litre. It is certified by Environment Canada and approved to display their "EcologoTM" on the bottle. This environmental certification is very hard to obtain without strict verification that the product is in fact safe for the environment and does what it claims to do. Read about the EcologoTM program (Micro-50TM is EcoLogoTM-Certified to Bio-Based Cleaning and Degreasing Compound CCD-110.and is a Golden Environmental Products Inc. product)

This product can be used in the following applications: 1) Remove furnace oil and subsequent stains from driveways, basements, parking lots, soil, etc. 2) Remove petroleum based grease from vehicles, fuel pumps, equipment without affecting paint colours. 3) Remove petroleum based stains from fabrics like carpets, clothing etc, without effecting the colour or fabric. 4) Remediation of petroleum spills in the ground and the water – (this is just a short list and it cleans a lot more) 

There are some huge shifts happening with the various environment authorities around the country. They are phasing out the "dig and dump" part of remediation in many areas and wanting on site cleanup now. In other words soils polluted with hydrocarbons from petroleum must not be transported to other sites and they must be treated where they originate. Contractors will require products like Micro-50TM to remediate the soil.

Micro-50TM is concentrated and needs water added to it. When water is added it rehydrates the microbes and they change from being dormant to an active state. Once hydrated the microbes start looking for hydrocarbons to eat immediately. The byproduct left behind after Micro-50TM breaks down is water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. All of which are acceptable to the environment.